What Should I Blog About?

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Every time I glanced up from Twitter to sip my latte, I’d notice him.

Sitting a few tables away at Starbucks, he was fidgeting with apparent stress about something. Now and then he’d lean forward to type something on the laptop in front of him. Then with a grimace, he’d stop, and sit back again.

I thought I knew what the problem was. After all, I’d been there.

Walking back after getting a refill, I plopped down in the other chair at his table. He looked up in surprise, but seemed grateful for the distraction.

I got right to the point. “Not sure what to blog about, right?”

He looked at me, sighed heavily. After a time, he nodded.

“Do you mind if I make a suggestion?”

“Uh … please.”

“Stop trying to figure out what you want to write about. Instead, figure out what people in your market want to read about. It’s easy. Just brainstorm some Frequently Asked Questions. Not ones about your company’s policies. I’m talking about problem-solving questions, for someone with a need who’s trying to get smarter before moving forward.”

“Okay, I can do that.” A pause. “Then what?”

“Well, once you have a question, you have your blog post title. Lots of people these days type their questions directly into Google. Having that exact wording as your headline, and as your Title Tag, makes your post an exact match in the eyes of search engines.

His eyes went wide as he leaned closer.

“Now,” I continued, “we’re not the first ones to figure this out. So your posts have to do a more helpful and thorough job of answering that question than anyone else.

“Got it. Anything else?”

“Yep. A succinct, basic answer to the question can be used as an article intro – and just may be picked as a featured snippet in the search results, that coveted ‘position zero’ at the top of the page.”

The furrowed brow of my new acquaintance slowly gave way to a wide smile. “Okay. I get this now. I’ve been approaching this all wrong. Blogging should be about what’s on their minds, not mine, right?”

“Only if you want to put out posts that genuinely resonate.”

“Okay … I’ve already got some great FAQs spinning around in my head. Thanks for helping me see the bigger picture here.”

“No problem,” I replied. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home to write a post myself, based on a question that people in business are always asking.”

“What question is that?”

I smiled as I got up to leave. “What Should I Blog About?”


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Tom TortoriciAbout the Author:  Tom Tortorici is an Atlanta copywriter and web content writer who helps companies make a genuine connection with their audience. His classes and conference presentations have focused on how writing, strategy and design can work together to grab attention and interest even among readers with short attention spans. In addition to working directly with businesses, Tom regularly partners with web designers and marketing agencies.

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