B Y   T O M   T O R T O R I C I

1. You can check your email without having to be especially cagey about it.

2. Keeping your camera off on those days when just showing up to listen feels like enough of a commitment.

3. Typing in the chat box is kind of like passing notes in class.

4. Quietly assessing other people’s decorating choices keeps you engaged when the speaker doesn’t.

5. You didn’t suffer the momentary resentment of having to pay to park.

6. No one cares whether you showered this morning.

7. Leading up to the meeting, you can waste time on social media that you otherwise would have wasted at stop lights.

8. You don’t need to comb the back of your hair.

9. If your mind wanders off to what you’d do if you won the lottery, you know you can always watch the recording later.

10. No awkward standing-in-the-corner if you arrive early and don’t see anyone you know.

11. You can sneak out to the bathroom without attracting the attention of every single attendee.

12. At a lunchtime session, nobody is sitting next to you with some big smelly sandwich.

13. Bonus Advantage: No one can see that tag sticking out of the back of your shirt.


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