The best blog writing engages humans and search engines.

Let an Atlanta business blog writer create content that helps you get found – and get recognized as an authority in your field.

An SEO Content Writer for Companies, Agencies, SEO Firms and Web Designers.

copywriterConnect with buyers and Google by taking a strategic approach to business blogging.

Simply inserting a ‘keyword’ in a blog post isn’t enough anymore.

However, over-use of keywords makes content meaningless and unreadable.

The right balance includes the natural inclusion of keyword variations and related terms.

This helps Google present your optimized blog post to the right potential customers.

Then, smart content writing gets buyers to think about their problems … in terms of your company’s solutions.


Need a blog writer who will understand your business and fit right in? I’m Tom. Let’s chat about your content marketing, as well as options and costs, at 404-606-2715.

How Does It Work?

If you already have
a list of blog topics with associated keywords, great! If not, I can offer suggestions and conduct basic keyword research during the planning phase, and you can make the final decisions.

As your SEO content writer, I’ll prepare each compelling, optimized post based on your input and/or outside research. Then you’ll review it, and any necessary revisions will be made before it gets posted.

I can also prepare: eye-catching post images; social media posts to promote your blog; emails to send it to subscribers; and unique, colorful e-books you can give away in exchange for sign-ups.

Let’s Make This Easy: Compelling, Human-Written Content That Gets Noticed, Gets Traffic and Gets Leads

When you’re looking for blog writers, remember that cheap means cheap, not good. Low-end prices are a sure sign of low-end quality. Why would you want to associate your company’s good name with that?

What is Reciprocity?

By offering informative,
insightful blog content that helps folks get closer to their goal, they’re more likely to return the favor by buying from you. That’s the idea behind content marketing.

The more high-quality blog posts you have out there, the more often you’ll appear in Google searches. Smartly-worded meta tags get more readers to click.

And when Google notices that more people are spending time on your professionally-written posts, you’ll be rewarded with improved search rankings overall.

Reach out to an Atlanta content writer who knows how to optimize your blog for search engines – and for humans.

Call Tom in Atlanta at 404-606-2715 or send in the form. I’d like to hear your thoughts, then I’ll prepare some options and a quick quote.

Are you with a marketing agency, SEO firm, or web design company? As a blog-writing partner or subcontractor, I’ll make things easy.

Looking for an Atlanta website copywriter to promote products or services on your main web pages? I can help with that too!

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